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immopac® Modules / Add-ons

immopac® Modules / System Platform

The immopac® standard software is based on a unique system platform (xyrion®). It provides all general services such as data integration (interfaces), user management, authorisation system, internationalisation (languages and currencies) and much more. Each subject module includes the basic version of our system platform. Furthermore, a variety of options is available, with which the functionality of the system platform can be extended. In addition to an integrated portal environment to be used through a web interface, this platform also features a complete development environment, with which user-defined extensions (add-ons) can be programmed.

immopac® Modules / Exploring

The Exploring module meets all requirements for data integration and the reporting and controlling of your real estate assets.

Data from operative systems such as property management or accounting systems is historized in immopac®'s central data warehouse. All data is available for cross portfolio reporting. immopac® modules provides a comprehensive set of reports, including tenant directories, management cockpits, the accounting balance, target-performance comparisons and much more.

The entire reporting system in immopac® is based on a unique and intuitive concept allowing you access to all data using predefined navigators and infogrids. Various scenarios can also be created using the sub-portfolio feature.

The system incorporates aggregation functionality, and sort, group, and filter functions, resulting in powerful and flexible data accessibility across all portfolios.

The module features a wide range of elaborate reporting tools and cockpits.

The integrated document management system allows for the filing of external documents in any electronical format.

Module overview:

  • More than 100 pre-defined reports and cockpits
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Data aggregation on any user defined sub portfolio
  • Capable to meet the requirements of different accounting principles by incorporating multiple tables of accounts
  • Capable to manage international portfolios by incorporate multiple currencies and units
  • Integrated document management system (DMS) for the storage of external documents

<div class="screenshot_claim_title">Dashboard</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Pin your favourite reports to your personalized dashboard to have them ready at a glance.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title">Exploring</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">The Exploring module offers a wide range of management cockpits, reports and analysis.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title">Further information...</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">...can be found in the "Login" section.</div>

Exploring USPs

immopac® Modules / CREM

The CREM module is the immopac standard solution for the management of real estate properties used for operational purposes.

Just like the other immopac® shed modules the CREM was developed with the aim of meeting practical requirements and offers a multitude of functions, reports and tools, which cover the specific requirements of corporate real estate management. The module’s property management, the contract and land register administration make it possible to map clearly the portfolio of buildings and plots of land, including the history of ownership as well as the flexible, effective administration of internal (Group) and external contracts.

Particular attention was given here to the possibilities to map a wide variety of fixed terms and deadlines of leases and tenancy agreements. With fixed term and deadline management, which can optionally be supported through corresponding workflows, you always maintain control of contractual deadlines and can optimally manage existing contracts.

Important information from the land register, such as for example encumbrances and entries concerning the rights of or obligations to third parties, can be recorded and documented in clearly organised input masks.

The mapping of Group and ownership structures, tried and tested standard functionalities of the immopac® system, is also possible, as is the flexible segmenting of the portfolio.

For drawing up Group reporting, instruments for the calculation of Group contracts for annuity leases and floorspace rentals in accordance with various accounting principles are available.

The CREM module is completely integrated into the immopac® system landscape. In connection with further immopac® shed modules, there is a comprehensive overall system, which effectively supports all corporate real estate management processes.

Module overview:

  • Management of contracts (external and internal contracts, leasehold contracts)
  • Deadline management (workflow supported)
  • Implementation of corporate and sharholder structures
  • Portfolio segmentation
  • Property rights / change of ownership
  • Land registry entries and deeds
  • Calculation of corporate contracts according to IFRS & German HGB (annuity rent & space rent)
  • Management of notices of assessment and tax notice

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Crem USPs

immopac® Modules / Strategy

The answers to many relevant questions in real estate asset and portfolio management don’t lie behind hard figures and numbers alone. So called “soft factors” can be equally important. The location of a building, external factors and their future development must also be considered.

The strategy module supports your portfolio analysis and strategy development, defining the measures and objectives for your operational planning.

Predefined scoring plans for qualitative analyses are incorporated within the system. These can be extended or modified as required.

Optional, specialized diagnostic tools are available for a detailed analysis of the physical condition of your buildings.

External market information can be integrated as an additional service option.

The presentation of the results is comprehensive. Matrixes, powerful data lists and graphics are elements of the stanard version and visualize the composition and the developments of the results of your analyses.

Module overview:

  • Pre-defined scoring plans
  • Define your own benchmarks and target values
  • Deviation from target values can be marked in reports and cockpits
  • SWOT analysis to describe Strenght/Weaknesses and Opportunities/Threats
  • Optional integration of external market information

<div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content"></div>
<div class="screenshot_claim_title">Scoring Entry</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Rate the qualitaty of your real estate by using one of our pre-defined scoring plans or create and use your specific scoring plans.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title">Strategy Overview</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">The module Strategy allows to define your real estate and portfolio strategy and offers a wide range of reports.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title">Further information...</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">...can be found in the "Login" section.</div>

Strategy USPs

immopac® Modules / Accounting

The immopac® Accounting module is an accounting platform that is directly integrated into immopac®. It includes, on the one hand, the generally known accounting functions, such as keeping the general ledger and various subsidiary ledgers, keeping Cost Units, account assignment in foreign currencies, drawing up VAT statements, an integrated booking engine with automatic and provisional accounting entries etc. In addition, the Accounting module offers additional accounting functionalities specially adapted to the needs of investment accounting. This include among other things the possibility to map freely definable hierarchical structures (fund, holding company, special purpose vehicles, real estate property) and a dynamic aggregation and consolidation based on this, the inclusion of several Tables of Account, the adoption of several accounting standards and an international representation of the accounts.

The direct integration into immopac® gives rise to a greater added value. On the one hand, the extensive reporting platform of immopac® is thereby available, which among other things enables the classical accounting reporting, the drawing up of key figure reports, comparison with planning data, as well as the realisation of user-defined customer-specific reports. On the other hand, all functions of immopac® processes – and thus the possibility of the definition of accounting processes – as well as the direct integration with the immopac® data room (OBC) are available.

Of course, it is also possible to integrate the accounting data from external accounting and management systems and re-use these in immopac® (drilldown, reporting, consolidation etc.).

Module overview:

  • General ledger and subledgers
  • Foreign currencies
  • Value added tax accounting
  • Cost centers
  • Calculation of financial key figures
  • Automated bookings
  • Provisional bookings
  • Posting rules
  • Support of international accounting standards
  • Multiple charts of accounts
  • Dynamic aggregation and consolidation
  • Profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  • Annual reports
  • Journal

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Accounting USPs

immopac® Modules / Planning

A professional portfolio management requires not to look at the present letting situation or the current earnings and cost situation only. More important is the future development of these situations. Only if you succeed in making plausible assumptions for future cash flows you will be able to make a statement about your future returns on investment.

This module is a fully integrated planning system allowing the creation of detailed business plans and budgets at all levels. You can therefore plan the direct real estate results, as well as the indirect results in fund and corporate structures using models and parameters.

Scenario and simulation functions allow planning variations and versions to be easily created and compared. Business plans can also be aggregated at the sub-portfolio level.

Utilizing rolling forecasts as well as target and ongoing comparisons at all levels, any deviation from the planned results can be identified easily. Comprehensive management of your real estate investments can thus be fully achieved.

Module overview:

  • Plan lease-by-lease on the basis of existing tenant directories.
  • Wizard for easy creation of tenant directories in acquisition objects.
  • Planned values are transferred automatically to customer specific table of accounts.
  • Integrated sensitivity analysis tool.
  • Integrated target value search.
  • Various models to simulate the future rental income such as a fluctuation and rent cycle model.
  • Plan the influence of financing with borrowed capital and taxes.

<div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content"></div>
<div class="screenshot_claim_title">Planning Rental Income</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Planning the rental income is a central feature of the module planning.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title">Planning Overview</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">The Planning Modules lets you plan in detail the revenues and expenditures of your real estate and offers comprehensive reports.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title">Further information...</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">...can be found in the "Login" section.</div>

Planning USPs

immopac® Modules / Capex Managment

The immopac® CAPEX Management module offers a continuous and workflow-based support in all process steps of the construction management (planning, control, reporting). It enables the logging of Capex projects as well as the related cost estimates, construction loan applications, budget plans and building contracts or guarantee facility agreements. Instruments for logging and tracking invoices and payments as well as the possibility of rolling planning of forecasts, are also available, as are extensive reports for lists of guarantees, construction costs sheets and supplier invoices. The use of the CAPEX Management module enables a reliable controlling of all costs being incurred in the Capex process. Through comparisons between the budgeted and actual costs, aggregations and further reports a high transparency in the management of investment projects is achieved.

The CAPEX Management module is completely integrated into the other immopac® modules. The additionally available possibilities for the definition of standardised workflows of the construction management and the direct integration with the immopac® data room (OBC) lead to a further simplification and increase in efficiency in the Capex process.

Module overview:

  • Mapping and logging of capex projects.
  • Applications for building credits.
  • Budgets and revised budgets.
  • Building contracts (including amendments).
  • Logging of contractual guarantees.
  • Tracking bills and payments (optional).
  • Workflow based processes for the management of construction projects.
  • Optional support of scanning processes (payment processes).
  • Enhanced reporting features.

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Capex managment USPs

immopac® Modules / Valuation

By law you are required to appraise your portfolio on a regular basis using an appropriate method of valuation. In Switzerland the DCF method has become the industry standard. In other countries further methods are common such as the earing capacity value method in Germany.

The valuation module is a professional solution for the one-off and recurring valuations of individual properties and entire property portfolios. In addition to a two-phase DCF method, various other methods are also implemeted; for example, the earning capacity value and the net asset value methods.

This module can be used autonomously, or integrated with other immopac modules. A history of all data relevant;for valuation is stored in the central data warehouse. When performing a later re-evaluation, a substantial increase in efficiency can be achieved, and therefore lower valuation costs.

immopac® features a comprehensive ready-to-print valuation report and provides the possibility to publish valuations on a secure contentfloor via the immoapc® Online Business Center.

The system is thus ideal for professional real estate valuations.

Module overview:

  • Standardized "Best practice" DCF modell.Interface to upload valuation parameters from/to external surveyors.
  • 10 year planning period followed by an exit period.
  • Standard interfaces to operational systems
  • Scenario and simulation functions.
  • Comprhensive ready-to-print valuation reports.
  • Cross organizational valuation process suppported by immopac® OBC

<div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content"></div>
<div class="screenshot_claim_title">Valuation Rental Income</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Lease-by-lesase rental income is a centerpiece of the valuation modell.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title">Valuation Overview</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">The Valuation module incorporates different methods of appraisal and numerous reports and analyses.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title">Further information ...</div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">... can be found in the "Login" section.</div>

Valuation USPs

Features and target customers

The immopac® software system features a variety of methods, tools and reports for various groups of stakeholders at different levels. It equally supports all processes of real estate portfolio and asset management, real estate investment management, fund management and property valuation.

To be able to provide an adequate solution for each customer and to reduce the complexity of the matter the system immopac® consists of seven individual modules. Each module targets a different aspect of the management of real estate assets namely reporting (Exploring), strategic planning (Strategy), business planning (Planning), valuation (Valuation), capex managememt (Capex Management), accounting (Accounting) and corporate real estate management (CREM).

By combining all modules immopac® can fully support the day to day work of all stakeholders in this very broad thematic field and allows for efficiency in all relevant processes. For each function in the management of direct and indirect real estate investments and property valuation the modular yet integrated structure of the system offers specialised solutions for each stakeholder group.

immopac® meets the requirements of those in charge of asset and portfolio management, property valuation, investment management, transaction management, controlling and management of funds.

immopac® Processes


immopac® Processes

IT-based mapping of business processes with a workflow management system offers high potential for increased efficiency and quality of real estate property management.

With immopac® Processes all functionalities of the standard version now also offer the possibility to map entire business processes. Thus, in addition to immopac®’s well-known information-oriented structure, a process-oriented perspective is also offered.

immopac® Processes include an efficient workflow management system directly integrated into immopac® , which takes over the management of individual tasks. The integrated development environment also makes available a graphic process designer for the definition and visualisation of the workflows. All functions of the standard modules can be used directly for the definition of workflows. Thus, for example, if a valuation process is to be mapped, the specific functions of the valuation module can be accessed directly.

To support cross-company processes the immopac® cloud (OBC) is available. In the process, external partners can access selected contents in the cloud with the immopac® web app and consequently execute individual steps of the process.

The application possibilities of immopac® Processes are vast: The greatest efficiency potentials certainly lie with repetitive tasks, in which several persons/roles are involved or if the execution of the different stages are to be monitored resp. authorised. Processes for resubmission and authorisation, valuation, transactions, Capex management and generally on reporting and controlling are just some examples that are particularly suitable to be mapped with immopac® Processes.

<div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content"></div>
<div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">IT-based mapping of business processes with a workflow management system offers high potential for increased efficiency and quality of real estate property management.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Integrate tools and reports in your processes. All functions of the standard modules can be used directly for the definition of workflows.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Assign tasks of the processes to internal or external participants. immopac<sup>®</sup> controls the tasks for you.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Further information</div>

Processes USPs

immopac® Web-App

immopac® Web-App

The immopac® web application is a core building block of immopac®’s cloud strategy. The immopac® web app makes it possible to access the functionalities of immopac®’s modules and processes from any mobile terminal. In the process, apart from a web browser, no locally installed software is necessary. The completely newly developed immopac® web-app is based on innovative web technology and offers user comfort and a variety of functionalities, which up to now have been known only from classical desktop applications.

There are various possibilities how the immopac® web app can be used. On the one hand, all of immopac®’s cloud products have the new web app. On the other hand, the immopac® web app can also be installed in the customer’s infrastructure. Thus, an available immopac® installation can be converted into a “private cloud”.

<div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content"></div>
<div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Web App login screen. Login requires strong authentification.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Personal dashboards</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Personal dashboards</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Innovative web technology allows for use of complex tools and reports on all levels. E.g. business plans.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Innovative web technology allows for use of complex tools and reports on all levels. E.g. real estate scorings.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Data aggregation</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Export functionality</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Infogrid overview. The range of available tools and reports is just as extensive as in the tried and tested desktop client.</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Connectivity to immopac<sup>®</sup> OBC (Online Business Center)</div> <div class="screenshot_claim_title"></div><div class="screenshot_claim_content">Further information</div>

Web-App USPs

immopac® Online

immopac® Online

With the immopac® online product group you can extend the field of application of your real estate property asset and portfolio management.

The immopac® OBC makes possible effective collaboration with external partners involved in the real estate property-related processes and the establishment of interactive data rooms.

With, the new immopac® cloud solution, all tried and trusted functionalities from immopac® modules and/or immopac® Processes can be put to full use using an innovative web app.

This means you become more independent of existing infrastructures, since apart from a web browser no other locally installed software is necessary.

Modern, infinitely scalable usage models of the cloud make use of immopac® even more interesting including for customers with smaller real estate property portfolios and those without their own IT infrastructure.

With the cloud service immopac offers an innovative platform for professional real estate property valuation.

Based on the same technology as immopac® this service enables continuous valuation processes and the simple integration of date from existing immopac® installations.

System Architecture

Best in Class Real Estate
Business Software
(Web App & Cloud)
Business Intelligence & Integration
Digital Real Estate Platform
Dataroom &
Document & Knowledge Management
Process Management


  • 7 integrated standard modules ensure high coverage of all revelant business requirements
  • Integrated data warehouse and reporting platform
  • Integrated document management system
  • Integrated data room and collaboration platform


  • Scalable 3tier software architecture
  • Flexible data model
  • Innovative customizing concept (release capability)
  • Private cloud with innovative Web-App


  • Integrated development environment
  • Integrated data integration platform
  • Integrated administering and audit functions
  • Single sign-on support
  • Integrated deployment support


  • Highly specialized software producer
  • Large number of customer references
  • Source code of the business application provided
  • Successful track record of over 16 years